Interact CM

InteractCM's Customer Management Framework

Demand Side Customer Management
Supply Side Customer Management
needs driven
sales programs
Primary customer sales model

Basic Services

  • Delivery core offerings
  • Base value propositions

Product & Service Delivery

  • Streamlining key customer processes
  • Removing client 'irritants'

8 key things to know about your Customers

  • Who are the most valuable... (and if they left would have the most impact on your bottom line).
  • Who have the highest potential.
  • Who love you, are key influencers and refer customers to you.
  • Who are regular customers who split their business between you and a competitor.
  • Based on your current value propositions, who have low potential, consume resources and dilute value.
  • Who are most unhappy with you and tell others of their "bad experience".
  • In which customer segments are you underweight in terms of your current or aspired to Market share.
  • Which prospective new customers are you "leaking" through your sales pipeline management processes.


InteractCM is one of Australia's leading customer management strategy consultancy firms, operating since 1984.

At InteractCM we believe that customers are the lifeblood of all commercial, government and not for profit enterprises, both small and large.

We focus on creating great customer experiences at every customer interaction point; deeply understanding customer needs; adapting, refining and clarifying customer value propositions to make them unique; constantly searching for easier ways for customers to do business with our clients; always working to remove customer irritants and restore the customer's relationship; continuously seeking ways to delight customers and add value.

By working with our clients on all these things, our customer management programs are hard at work adding value to our client's bottom line, long after we finish our consultancy.



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